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Thanks for visiting Bellakisse! In order to better serve you when you visit our website, we utilize tracking technology like cookies and this cookie policy describes how we do it. You agree that cookies will be used as per this policy by using our website.

Why do cookies exist?

When you visit a website, cookies—small text files—are downloaded and stored on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. As a result of these files, the website is able to remember your choices and activities for subsequent visits and can access information about your website surfing history.

How Cookies Are Used ?

To improve the functionality of our website and to make your surfing experience better, we use cookies for a variety of objectives. These are some possible categories for the cookies we use:

Cookies that are Essential: These cookies are required for our website to function properly. You can use them to move around the website and use various features, like buying things and entering secure places.

Cookies used for analytics purposes: By gathering data anonymously, these cookies assist us in better understanding how users interact with our website. This information helps us analyze website traffic, spot popular pages, and enhance user and content experience.

Cookies for advertising and marketing: These cookies are used to show you relevant advertisements based on your online activities and interests. They might also assist us in assessing the success of our marketing initiatives.

Social media plugins or buttons that let you share material on multiple networks may be found on our website. These are known as social media cookies. These functions are made possible by social media cookies, which may also gather data regarding your interactions with the various social media networks.

Options for Cookies

When accessing our website, you are free to accept or reject cookies as you see fit. To block or remove cookies, you can often change the settings in your browser. Please be warned, though, that disabling cookies can result in certain elements of our website not working properly.

Setup of Cookies

Your consent to the use of cookies will be requested from you when you first visit our website and are shown a cookie banner. The “Cookie Settings” link is located in the website’s footer, and it allows you to change your cookie choices.

A third-party's cookies

To aid in our analysis of website traffic and the delivery of tailored adverts, we might let third-party services, such as analytics companies and advertisers, to place cookies on our website. These providers’ individual privacy policies apply to these third-party cookies.

This Cookie Policy Changes

For operational, legal, or regulatory reasons as well as to reflect changes in our practices, we may occasionally amend our Cookie Policy. If there are any important changes, we’ll let you know by placing a noticeable notice on our website or by using another channel.

Message Us

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any queries or complaints about our cookie policy.